The results of the Uptown Crossing Community Design & Development Charette were published in a February 2019 report. The full report can be viewed here.

The Uptown Crossing Community Design & Development Charette report is the product of an intensive, six-month long study conducted by Uptown Crossing in partnership with UWM Community Design Solutions (CDS) and the City of Milwaukee. The intent of the design charette was to study six underutilized sites along North Avenue and Lisbon Avenue within the Uptown Crossing Business Improvement District. This process included architects, residents, lenders, property owners, business owners and other community stakeholders - all who worked collaboratively to develop design concepts for the select sites within the Uptown Crossing BID.

An inspiring and diverse array of public, residential, commercial and mixed-use designs have been proposed for revitalizing the selected Uptown Crossing sites. The report includes several potential uses for the area, including neighborhood retail and gathering, housing options, office incubators, fresh food/grocery, streetscaping and branding, and place-making and programming.

The goal of the charette process is to explore and evaluate development ideas and possibilities. It is not intended to imply that ideas are guaranteed by developers or the City.